What are property claims adjusters?

What are property claims adjusters? What do they do?


Many people have questions about property claims adjusters. What precisely are they, and what do they do?

It is not a big deal to highlight property claims adjusters in case of damage. However, before moving forward with the topic, I would like to highlight some aspects.

If you own a home, you have homeowners insurance. What do you do first when your home gets damaged due to a flood? Obviously, your insurance company will be responsible for paying the damages. Right?

Yes, but first you’ll have to hire a property claims adjuster. Let’s deep dive into the topic.

What are property claim adjusters?

Property claims adjusters are individuals or professionals who handle the insurance cases of homes or properties, analyze the damage, and help their clients evaluate damage claims.

A property claim adjuster might have an office in the local area and serve the surrounding people as per their needs. In actuality, there are many states where floods, earthquakes, and tropical cyclones hit the place. It leads to severe home damage. At this point, we need to assess the damage and let the insurance companies pay for it.

What are the different types of property claims adjusters?

Fundamentally, public claims adjusters are divided into three categories. These categories are absolutely basic and help understand why and when you need professional adjusters.

  1. Company Adjusters

Company adjusters are sometimes called staff adjusters. Big enterprises and insurance companies have their own adjusters who evaluate the damage and let them know how much they should pay for the damage.

Since they are associated with insurance companies, we call them company adjusters.

  1. Independent Adjusters

Independent adjusters are individuals who are similar to the company adjusters, but they don’t work as full-time employees. Instead, insurance companies hire them on a contract basis.

The independent adjusters are only for the insurance companies and differ from the company adjusters based on their contract and a part-time job.

  1. Public Adjusters

Public adjusters are independent entities that don’t work with insurance companies. You can consider them freelance workers hired by public adjusting companies or insurance policyholders to assess their damages.

Sometimes, independent adjusters come under the category of public adjusters. However, you can hire public adjusters.

When do you need a property claim adjuster?

There are many cases when you need a property claims adjuster. Before moving ahead to the property claims, let me share some stats about the natural disasters in the US.

As per the report, there have been 323 disasters in the US from 1980 to 2022. The single disaster caused damage of more than 1 billion dollars. The overall cost for all the catastrophes has been over 2.19 trillion dollars.

Just imagine such vast statistics and damages caused by the disasters. If you are affected by the disasters, you need to have the public adjusters understand the property claims and evaluate the total cost.

  • When your property gets hit by natural disasters

In the USA, natural disasters are common. If your location is around the sea or earthquakes are common in your area. First, you need to have the insurance company ready to provide you with insurance. Second, if you get hit by floods or earthquakes, it is the right time to contact the property claims adjusters to calculate the damages and help you claim the compensation.

  • Damages caused by mold water

In homes, standing water is quite a common cause. So, how do you fight it? Nothing special at all! You need to eliminate it. Suppose mold water has damaged your property; you can hire the property claims adjusters in that case also.

  • Commercial roofing claims

Commercial roofing is also a crucial part of our homes. If the commercial roofing gets damaged due to any reason, you can hire the property claims adjusters and settle the compensation with your company.

Final Words

Maybe your property is not completely safe from a disaster. However, if such situations happen you can hire the America Property Adjusters. We provide the best services related to the evaluation of property claims and adjustments. You can call us or hit us with a message to get a free quote for your claims.

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