My property is flooded what do I do next?


Flooding is a different issue from water damage, it is a perils policy in itself. The problem is that currently flooding isn’t covered by private insurance due to the terrible risks involved, but this will change in the future. In 1968 the federal government enacted a law that set up the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide assistance to residents and commercial property owners who purchased a flood policy. Today, most flood matters are run by private insurance carriers. So keep in mind that your standard property insurance plan does not cover floods. You must buy a separate policy from a private insurer. to cover the peril of flood. One would be covered for property damage, but not for this other type of hazard? The unfortunate reality is that in most states it will be difficult to get your own insurance company to offer coverage for the peril of flooding. This is due in part to the increased risk and exposure flooding can cause, as well as its extreme costs. In the event of a disaster, there are a few ways you might be able to protect your property from flooding. These include buying flood insurance, raising buildings, and building a dike around your property.

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There are steps you can take to help with your claim for flood damage:

take photographs of any damage to the structure of the property and its contents

write a detailed inventory – make a list of your home contents, if you haven’t done so already

take a note of the reading on your electricity meter so that you can claim back the running costs of commercial dryers

phone your insurer to start the claim as soon as possible, there are usually time limits 

keep a copy of any documents or pictures you send to the insurer, or you get from them

ask for a record of any calls made in reference to the claim

If you are a vulnerable customer, for example, because you are disabled or elderly, tell the insurer. They may prioritize your claim

ask how long it will take to settle the claim

Flood Insurance Claim Process

In the aftermath of major disasters like Hurricane Harvey, insurance claims will skyrocket. But as our adjusters saw in areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina, relief can take some time to reach places that are a little farther away. One also needs to factor in the number of claims that will be assigned to the carrier adjusters that will be hired to adjust thousands of flood claim losses. As a result, the damages will be paid out in small amounts over a long period of time. We are not suggesting that you sit tight and wait to receive your checks, but rather take steps to protect your assets so they will not be soaked by floodwaters. What should I do if my house is damaged by the weather? In the event of flooding, If you have incurred any kind of loss due to flooding, we are ready to advocate on your behalf as a trusted adviser and resource to ensure that you are able to move forward with the recovery process. .We offer the following services: America Property Claims represents you and protects your interests – NOT the interests of the insurance company. Discover the difference by hiring America property claims for your flood damage insurance claim! Call America Property Claims today!  754-702-3625

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